Change Log

Ranking is hard. It’s a long way to the top and it takes lots of work, time and sweat to get any kind of traffic or sales. It’s like climbing the Google Peak, barefoot and crawling in your fours most of the time. You see your competition already up there and wonder how they climbed so fast.

We’ve got a (not so much) secret for you: the BIG MONEY isn’t made by climbing alone and barefoot. You need real rockets that power you to the top in little time and with little effort. We’re proud to present you with the latest tool to take the world of SEO software by storm: the all-mighty AiO Wiki Poster!
“AiO Wiki Poster„ is a one stop solution to all Wiki
We’ve designed the ultimate Wiki Poster - “AiO Wiki Poster” to fulfill all your Ranking Needs within Single software.
Get Listed In a Most Authoritative Content System of World – “The Wiki” With Help of AiO Wiki Poster!
AiO Wiki Poster is laser-focused on the most Google-loved platform on the web: the wiki, which is the Most Authoritative Content System, full of targeted content and ready to be filled with links to help struggling keywords.
What is AiO Wiki Poster?
AiO Wiki Poster is the ultimate Swiss-knife of the SEO world, focused on creating wikis and posting links on them and Creating Linkwheels Seamlessly without any Effort! Its chock full of features and aims to automate most of its tasks to be as hands free as possible with Best Results and highest Success Rates!
AiO Wiki Poster´s Most Important Features:
AiO Wiki Poster´s
1.It Currently Supports 10 Most Used Wiki Platforms - Mediawiki, DokuWiki, MacOS, MoinMoin, PHP Wiki, PukiWiki, TikiWiki, Twiki, Wikka Wiki and Xwiki.
2.Multi-threading ­there aren´t limits here. You can run 5 or 50 or 500 or even 5000 threads! Absolutely NO Limit! You can test and see what the best setting to match your own hardware! Explore True Power of Advanced and Professional Coding!
3.Multi-Tasking (True Power of .Net Environment) - you can simultaneously run many tasks! i.e. you can run unlimited registrations, posting + side by side you can scrape, check links etc.AiO Wiki Poster is built on a Highly Reliable Software Architecture Designed by Professionals!
4.Auto Mode - you just need to input an article and say how much backlinks you want per day! It will automatically scrapes wiki sites and creates the specified number of backlinks
5.Seamless Creation of Linkwheels - AiO Wiki Poster has an Extensive Content Management System by which you can easily create Wiki backlinks
6.Advanced Scheduler - Schedule by Success sites, Number of Sites, Give Maximum Number of Days to Complete, etc. Its Most Advanced and Reliable Wiki Scheduler to date!
7.Task Chaining - Do Registration, Email Verification and Posting in Single GO, by chaining multiple tasks into one! You Can do Recurring Process Also! That´s why its Most Advanced ONE!
8.Recurrent Tasking - you can Schedule Multi Tiered Tasks. i.e. LinkWheels. When one task completes, another task will be triggered with the backlink of first task. You can create unlimited number of Tasks. Recurrent Mode is Also Supported Where you can Create Multiple Tasks, for instance, Linkwheels of Multiple Tiers on Daily Basis
9.Scheduler Crash Recovery Support ­ If software crashes while running, the next time when it´s started it will automatically resume the previous project! We Have Integrated Powerful DB System So You Never Lose your Datas!
10.Highly Reliable Content Management System­Everything is Organized here! You Need to Create List of Wikis, Websites and Use Tags! Keeps All Lists Organized and Easy to use!
11.Quicky Mode: Sick of CMS? Just load wiki sites, email and article ­ hit on Go! It automatically detects platform, registers and verifies email, posts article and gives you Backlinks in a single click!
12.Powerful Platform Detector ­ When You Add Wiki Sites, It Automatically Detects Platform and Checks if Registration is open or protected And Saves Loads of Bandwidth and System Resources by Removing Dead Sites!
13.Highest Success Rates on the market­you have our Assurance!! We Work Hard Every Day to Increase Success Rates based on Users Feedback!
14.Google SE Scraper - Scrape Your Own Wiki Links with our Powerful Multi Threaded Google Search Engine Scraper Inbuilt Into Our Software which is Additional BONUS!
15.Link Checker ­ Extremely Handy Tool to Check all your Backlinks if they are alive and still kicking the Power!
16.It has Inbuilt Captcha Solver and Also Supports DeathByDecaptcha, and Decatpcher.
17.Automatic Mathematical Captcha Solver - Solves All Mathematical Captchas for free! We have written our own algorithm to solve mathematical Captchas
18.Nested Spintax Supported - supports up to 4 levels of nested Spintax
19.Free Inbuilt Content Spinner (no need for TBS or Spinnerchief anymore) - our own Synonym Database is used for the content spinning
20.User Name DB - randomize Usernames and Passwords at Each Run
21.Article Scrapper from Top Article Directories­ Just Key in Keyword and Get Article Ready!
22.Complete Live Reporting - Live Reports of how the tasks succeeded or failed. Get a Backlinks report instantly after creating them
23.Inbuilt Mass Pinger
24.Automated URL Insertion­ supports TAG Feature. Now you don´t need to create html links and insert them. Our Software will take care of this. You just need to create lists and use tags. AiO Wiki Poster will automatically insert links randomly from the list
25.Email Reports­ Get Complete Reports via email. After completion of tasks, all backlinks will be emailed to you so you don´t need to login and check them yourself. You Can Also Schedule to Send Daily or Weekly or When Task is Completed!
26.Account Saving Option - save all your created accounts and use it for other tasks. Saves loads of Captcha costs and resource
27.Private and Public Proxy Support!
28.Sends all your links automatically to Indexification, Instantlinkindexer and Linklicious - All your backlinks are sent to the indexer server with one click! Just Key in API Keys and your DONE!
29.Completely Fresh Interface­ AiO Wiki Poster sports a completely new User Interface (Metro Interface! Windows 8 styled!)
30.Highly Memory Efficient­ you don't need to worry about RAM anymore. It doesn´t take much memory to run our software. Built Keeping in Mind about SEO Guys Who run most of their tools in VPS
31.Dedicated Development and Support Team Working 5 Days a Week and 20 Days a Month!
Checked detailed info about Each Feature?
Still not convinced? Let´s Compare
AiO Wiki Poster with Other Software
Available in Market!
AIO Wiki Poster Comparison
SL Feature Product1 Product2 AiO Wiki Poster
1 Supports Over 10 Platforms 7 3 10
2 Inbuilt Mathematical Captcha Solver
3 Unlimited Threading Support
4 Recurrent Tasking
5 Powerful Multithreaded Google SE Scraper
6 Advanced Scheduler
7 Seamless Linkwheel Creation
8 Auto Task Mode (Handsfree Backlink Creation)
9 Tag System for URL Insertion (Instead of Lengthy URLS)
10 Organized List Management System
11 Article Scraper
12 3rd Part Indexer Support
13 InBuilt Pinger
14 Backlinks Checker
15 Reliable DB Support
16 Automated Email Reports
17 One Click Reg + Posting
Do you need any more reasons to get your very own power machine­"AiO Wiki Poster"? As you can see, our software blows the competition out of the water. Just look at its top advantages, which make it the most feature-packed and powerful SEO tool you can get on the web:
  • Supports Unlimited Multi Tasking
  • Supports Unlimited Multi Threading
  • Powerful SE Scraper
  • 100% Automated Mode ­ Enter Profile, Article, Key in No Of links PDay!
  • Quickie Mode!! For those Who Hate to Work in Organized Environment!
  • Comprehensive Management System ­ Keep Everything Organized!
  • Automated Reports ­ Backlinks Will be Emailed Pday/PWeek!
  • Link Checker ­ Check All Your Backlinks
  • Seamless Linkwheel Creation
  • Automatic Mathematical Captcha Solving
  • Highest Platforms and Success Rates
  • Sending links to indexer with one click
  • Mind Blowing User Interface
  • Dedicated Development & Support Team
The multitude of tools inside AiO Wiki Poster is only the first step for its success. The possibility of multi-tasking, recurrent tasks and, best of all, Task Chaining, turn this software into something so advanced it's light years ahead its competition.

It's the only thing you'll need to jumpstart and sustain a clever SEO campaign that'll take your keywords to the top of the SERPs. You'll get all awesome future Updates and Upgrades for free forever! and our support team is here to assist you with any question you might need answered.
Beat the World´s Most Tough SEO Competition with Our "AiO Wiki Poster"
System Requirements: .Net 4.5 with Windows 7 or Later with all Latest Updates, WinZip, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redist Pack.
1GB Ram, Dual Core or Min 3.2 GHz Processor Required.